Who We Are

Living Springs MCC is an inclusive and reconciling Christian church in Bath, UK. We provide a safe place for all people to worship, and a vibrant spiritual home for anyone who visits or wishes to share their spiritual journey with us.

We have a particular calling to minister to the LGBTQIA community, as well as others who experience discrimination or bullying from other faith-based groups or societal situations.

Together with Safe Harbour MCC in Totnes, we are led by our pastor Rev Mia Briggs.

Living Springs is a congregation of the United Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, founded in 1968 by Rev Troy Perry, a former Pentecostal pastor who had been forced to leave his church because of his sexuality. Today, the MCC is a worldwide denomination with congregations in over forty countries.

Christ calls us to welcome, include and liberate. We stand for these values, and against the hate and division preached by some other churches. Our explicit ethos of inclusivity and reconciliation attracts people from a wide cross section of society. Everyone is welcome to join us on an adventure of spirituality and faith — and that means that you will be very welcome. Why not join us on Sunday to find out more?

What To Expect

People come to Living Springs from many different backgrounds, which is reflected in our worship: we use music and prayers from a variety of traditional and contemporary sources.

Anyone is welcome to take part in worship, and we provide training so that interested people may lead worship, celebrate communion or preach, as they feel able.

In MCC we celebrate open communion every week. We believe that the altar is Christ's table, to which Christ invites all people: it is God who sets the table, not us! All we ask is that you are seeking, in your own way, to meet with God.

So that everyone can be included, we use non-alcoholic wine. We also offer a short personal blessing for everyone who would like it.

MCC was founded within the LGBT+ community, but our ministry and worship are open to everyone. While sexuality may be an important reason for why some people first come to MCC, it is rarely the main reason why they stay. We know what it is like to be excluded, and so we put a high importance on being a safe space for anyone who wishes to take part.

In our services we use language which, like the Gospel, includes all people. Many churches often use words which have reflected society's practices of excluding women and minorities: we try to avoid this. In particular, we describe and refer to God in gender-neutral terms — or, following the example of the Biblical writers, use a mixture of both male and female expressions and images.

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How To Find Us

We meet at the Central URC Halls in Bath, just across the famous Pulteney Bridge from the city centre.

Please use the side entrance (on Grove Street) — not the main entrance on Argyle Street. Someone will be on the door to greet you for half an hour before our worship starts — if you arrive earlier or later please ring the bell and we'll let you in!

Our worship space is fully wheelchair-accessible by means of a ramp or lift. An induction loop is available for hearing-aid users, and we are always happy to accomodate any other accessibility needs you may have.

By Car

Bath has free on-street parking on Sundays. After the shops have closed, there are usually spaces outside the church on Grove Street, or just round the corner on Laura Place.

By Public Transport

Bath Spa station and Bath bus station are about half a mile away. There are buses from the bus station that come slightly nearer, but these take longer than walking.